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Classical Hack Newsletter

Classical Hack Newsletter

The Classical Hack Newsletter was created to inform people both on our Yahoo Classical Hack Group and others not on line about current events in the world of Classical Hack.

Our primary goal was to provide current information on a broader base to those who are interested in what is going on with our game system via snail mail.

It may seem odd to produce such an old fashion type of News Letter in this day and age of computers. However, we felt that there are many ways to contact people and to keep them informed of our activities. The best way is via the internet. Consequently we now have retired the News Letters. As they surface on my computer I will be adding them to the site.

You are no longer able to Subscribe

Yes we have gone electronic and for free and so you can have them.

To subscribe to The Classical Hack News Letter is now free and found here. What you get is a high quality 4 page 8-1/2 by 11 inch, color news letter with many color photos printable in PDF. As time becomes available I will attempt to get better pdfs. Join us on Face Book or the Classical Hack Yahoo Group by clicking here: Join Yahoo! Groups.

Otherwise, simply write to us at:

85 St Michael Way N.E.
Hanceville, Alabama 35077