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Classical Hack: Second Edition

Pike Hack: The Road to Dunbar

The Road To Dunbar Warfare in the Age of Cromwell is one of the most exciting historical subjects and here a most unique game system.

If you liked Classical Hack you will love Pike Hack. If you have a Cavalier-like nature you will love this game system. If you have a Roundhead conscience you would not like any game or thing that would give so much pleasure and fun in such a short amount of time.

The system is fast and fun. Unit creation is simple yet historical. You do not need tons of figures although Pike Hack will make you want to get the lead out and plenty of it!

Casualty and morale computation requires a single D-10 die. There are none of those endless modifiers that makes each turn a chore. The rules include the ever population Casualty Calculation Meter which explains briefly everything you need to know about inflicting casualties.

There are color examples of the basics to illustrate formations and tactics. Don't worry there is no need to re-base your armies either. System is for either Brigade or Battalion level.

Players can find on line help at the Classical Hack Yahoo Group or at the Classical Hack Web Site classicalhack.com.