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LMW Works

About LMW Works

LMW Works is an Alabama based publishing company operating as a L.L.C. Our company focuses on educational games, lecturing and historical literature.

Our primary goal is a simple one: to publish our own ideas in the area of history for educational purposes. With Classical Hack we hope to make history fun and enjoyable through educational gaming. To this end we publish Classical Hack, Classical Hack Scenarios, Holy Hack, Homeric Hack, Hack in the Dark: Warfare in the Dark Ages 250 A.D. to 1000 A.D. and Knight Hack. To further this goal LMW Works hosts a number of authors who deal with other historical periods. LMW works is looking forward to putting forth research works in the near future.

LMW Works is not a vanity press. We do assist others in getting published. LMW Works publishes books in order to provide authors an avenue to platform and show case their ideas and ideals.

To Authors

At LMW Works we like to help authors who have products in the area of history, inspirational works and miniature gaming. We make every attempt to get properties out into the market place of the bookís market area.

Initially authors should contact us and give us the details about their works. Currently LMW Works has some 26 titles. Under normal economic conditions we like to publish two to three books a year. Consequently we would like to know the basics. How many pages, book size, binding and cover preference, kinds of illustrations and naturally the subject matter. It also helps to know if the work is already set-up in pdf.

Send your information to:

85 St. Michael Way NE.
Hanceville, Alabama 35077

or e-mail to: