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Classical Hack: Second Edition

Classical Hack: Scenarios Rome

Scenarios Rome was the first in a series of scenario books published by LMW Works. This particular book deals strictly with Roman scenarios or battles from 750 B.C. to 250 A.D. A sequel book will deal with the later Roman armies; there was just too much information to convey about the Romans to have it said and done in one book and still have room for the number of scenarios we wanted to present. Classical Hack Scenarios is designed to assist ancient gamers regardless of their game system. It measures 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches with Peter Connolly�s painting of �The Great Siege of Alesia� gracing the cover. In order to order Classical Hack Scenarios: Rome from your corner book store such as Waldens or Borders or Barnes & Noble the ISBN is 1-889584-04-5.

The book itself is rich in diagrams and battle maps as well as informative text and especially orders of battle. The book�s 52 pages also contain important vendor information-places where you can turn gold into lead if you wish. Yes, places you will want to contact in order to make those all important gaming purchases. Classical Hackers will at long last have a more packaged form of play. In addition to this are all important lists drawn from the historical commentary and the individual scenario orders of battle.

Here�s what you get: a brief period-by-period description with tactical diagrams of the armies in each period, and easy to set up battle situations commonly called scenarios. Each scenario gives a brief account of a specific battle, including opposing orders of battle, special tactics of both armies and victory conditions. The scenarios have been designed by some of the best known people in American Ancient�s Gaming and others not so well known but no less important. All have years of gaming experience and their ideas and ideals are a worthwhile contribution to gaming and historical writing.

If that�s not enough there is a variant play system section (thanks to the interest shown by Grant Forsythe), up-dates to Special Tactics, a beginner�s (or an experienced player who loves lists) section with army lists for the variant play and rules clarifications. In short everything you would have to figure out in order to put on an ancient battle but just don�t have the time or energy to do after a hard day at work or school is provided for you.

We can all thank Allan Fleming for the concept as it was he who said, after his first time playing Classical Hack, �This system is great. You have got to do a scenario book!� Allan may not really have invented the idea of Scenario play but he did bring its importance to our attention. Many thanks to Allan. Special thanks to the contributors. These include Steve Phenow, Scott Holder, Robert Sillars, Allen Fleming, Russ Lockwood and Philip J. Viverito. No words can express our appreciation to Mr. Peter Connolly for the cover art! Classical Hack Scenarios: Rome was released at Historicon �98.