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Classical Hack: Second Edition

Homeric Hack

The time of the Trojan War and the Homerictales built round this war are but elusive shadows to modern man. The time of the Trojan War borders on prehistory in regard to written literature. Homer preserved this War of Heroes and their time (circa 1184 B.C.) with something of a backward glance, surely blending his own current history (circa 800 B.C.) with that of the heroes. Regardless of how Homer created the West’s first great epic poem, create it he did with all of its bigger than life people and shrouded historical fact. A tapestry of words greater than that of Bayeux.

Homeric Hack is designed to recreate in miniature individual duels, the epic battles of the Trojan War, from the battle of Thicket Ridge to the sack of the city itself and even the battles Aeneas fought in Italy. Only your imagination sets the parameters of the great engagements you can recreate. The system allows for heroic duels, large army engagements, naval engagements and sieges with the silver lining being a simple Divine Intervention system.

Unlike other game systems, players are encouraged to change the system to suit their own historical and literary interpretations. Use the system as written or create your own Divine Intervention results or Optional Leader rating. The system is not for tournament play, consequently gamers seeking rules written in stone will be disappointed. The system lends itself more to historical interpretation and less to mythical fantasy role playing , Divine Intervention, army lists or points. These are all made subject to interpretation revealed through game mechanics. It is taken for granted that while these interpretations and resulting mechanics may not be absolutely correct yet they are indeed formulated from the events detailed by Homer and Virgil and current historical theories on Homeric Warfare.

Contained in this book are a table or contents and an index which assist the player in finding various topics. Throughout the book are easy to use unit generators, diagrams, a unique gaming approach to using chariots and examples. Once familiar with the turn sequence, methodologies of shooting, melee and morale most players will require only the Quick Reference Sheet to play the game. I have found that when players gain a general understanding of the system they require little assistance after turn three.