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Classical Hack: Second Edition

Classical Hack: Scenarios Macedonia

Macedonia is the second in the series of Scenarios books published by LMW Works. All of the Scenarios titles provide historical gamers with a platform to put on historical battles in miniature.

This particular book deals strictly with Macedonian scenarios battles from 358 B.C. to 326B.C. A sequel book will deal with the later Successor armies. Like Classical Hack Scenarios Rome there was just too much information to convey about the Macedonians and later Macedonian systems to have it said and done in one book.

Classical Hack Scenarios is designed to assist ancient gamers regardless of their game system. It measures 8-3/4 inches by 10-3/4 inches with Peter Connolly's painting of Alexander Crossing the Granicus gracing the cover in glorious black and white. This was done as not to create confusion with the Rule book which has the same painting in color. To order Classical Hack Scenarios: Macedonia from your corner book store such as Old Glory US and UK, Chiltern Miniatures, Brookhurst, On Military Matters and Amazon.com the ISBN is 1-889584-14-2. You may also go to our vendors on our products page.

The book takes the reader from the time of Philip II (Alexander's father) to Hydaspes, Alexander's last battle fought in 326 B.C. There are forty two pages which include a narrative, the scenarios themselves and most importantly a complete listing of Macedonian army orders of battle and the respective changes to the army of Macedonia from the time of Philip to Alexander's death.

Here is what you get: a brief period-by-period description with tactical diagrams of the armies in each period, and easy to set up battle situations commonly called scenarios. Each scenario gives a brief account of a specific battle, including opposing orders of battle, special tactics of both armies and victory conditions. The scenarios have been designed by Philip J. Viverito and Allan D. Fleming noted game masters at Cold Wars Historicon and Fall In!. Both have years of gaming experience and their ideas and ideals are a worthwhile contribution to gaming and historical writing.

If that is not enough the book uses the new D-10 system of Classical Hack Second Edition, up-dates to Special Add-on Tactics, new Siege Rules, the Siege of Tyre scenario, Tyre Q.R.S., the new Siege Engine unit generating system, a list of Alexander's Companions, orders of battle for opposing armies, dated changes in Alexander's army, and a bibliography. In short everything you would have to figure out is provided for you to set up a research historical Macedonian engagement in miniature.

No words can express our appreciation to Mr. Peter Connolly for the cover art! Classical Hack Scenarios: Macedonia was released at Mini Wars for the Pacific West Coast HMGS group in 2003 using the Siege of Tyre Scenario.