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Making Great Looking Games

Purpose of this Site

One of the reasons I have been somewhat successful is that I always try and put on great looking games. Players travel some distance and deserve great looking and memorable games they play at conventions. So whether games are big or small; from simple table set-ups or large games which have great looking buildings as a back drop to the actual game. I call the big set-up as using the De Mille factor. The players actually fight the battles beneath the walls of some fortification or another.

Sharing Ideas

I like to share the things I have learned from other greater game masters than myself. Tom Young has many of my displays. So I watch what others do and then try and recreate their efforts. Here are a couple of links to what I am saying. .

I have made several pdfs which are downloadable about building not just terrain but also buildings too. Plastic or styrene makes everything easier. Are we performing in a Craft or an Art? You decide.