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Colossal Battles (on a Small Scale)

History does repeat itself. Prepare to relive the battles of the ancient world through the Classical Hack series. These wargame rules combine historically accurate scenarios and authentic military tactics to bring the Trojan War, the battles of the Bible, the Crusades, and others right to your favorite table. These books are ideal for history classes and history buffs alike.


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Finally, social media for gamers! Connect with hundreds of like-minded wargamers, history buffs, and inquisitive students through Classical Hack's Yahoo! Group. Or join us at Face Book at Classical Hack. Either way keep up-to-date with overall group activities and form lasting relationships with individual members. Click here to sign up today!

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Do you have an idea for a book? Do you write about history, minature gaming, or inspirational insight? LMW Works is actively seeking authors with fresh ideas and perspectives. LMW Works will not only publish your approved work, but will make every attempt to expose it to the appropriate markets. Click here to find out more.