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Pre-classical Periods

This site has seen much revamping from it's earliest days. I have restructured it to be more period specific. Here in this section I will build links to both the Biblical and Homeric periods of warfare. I would like to think of all my sites as electronic note books.

Using this Note Books: Getting Started Holy Hack Biblical Warfare

The Book Holy Hack Hacking By The Book: Biblical Warfare Second Edition is now available in Second edition only. The book gives players a number of Biblical armies to pick from. The rules follow the same ideas and ideals used in all the core rules sets in this series. As each book is designed for specific periods. The rules work with any scale in regard to figures. The system is figure based and uses a D-10 die for morale and casualty infliction. For movement use a D-6 die. This rule book covers Biblical warfare from 3000 B.C. to 600 B.C. It is fast play and fun. I'll be adding pictures and notes as time goes on so you can build and play armies like New kingdom Hebrews, Egyptians and Hittites. The rules and the lists may not perfect but they are a good start.

Using this Note Books: Getting Started Holy Homeric Hack Warfare in the Age Heroes

Homeric Hack: Warfare in the Age of Heroes is also available, being specifically designed for Homeric Warfare. While the time or period if the Trojan War falls within the scope of Holy Hack I felt it better to approach it along lines of the works of Homer and not the Bible. This system style retains the use of a D-10 for casualties and morale and a D-6 for movement. .

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