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The term evocati comes from the Latin to call out or to call forth. The term derives itself from the verb evoco. Evocati were veteran soldiers who volunteered or were asked to come forth by commanders to rejoin a legion. These were the best men in the legions.To exemplify the concept I have used Luca Marini who created a beautiful illustration of a Roman Signifier or standard bearer of which each evocati is for Classical Hack. Evocati filled positions of centurions (leaders with great experience and expertise), advisors and even ambassadors.

Through the years I have had many players with great talent and long gaming experience who have helped put on Classical Hack Games. After long contemplation I finally came up with the idea of recognizing these volunteers with more than just a simple thanks or free publications. However, they certainly deserved all that and more.

So here is the more: a public recognition for their imagination, dedication, and voluntary service to me and Classical Hack, Knight Hack. Hack In The Dark , Holy Hack and Homeric Hack . I am including general contributions on our Classical Hack Yahoo Group as well. All of those honored here have matched or surpassed the qualities that Caesar and other great leaders sought in their evocati.

I will be adding very slowly evocati weekly so do not wiggle in your seat too much your name will eventually come up. If you want to learn how to become an evocati contact me and I will soon have you on your way to becoming an evocati. We hail your patience!