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The Armies of Qadesh Notebook

The purpose of the Note Book

The purpose of this page is to satisfy requests from our Classical Hack Yahoo Group for a need to play Biblical Games Holy Hack: Hacking By the Book; Second Edition. While Holy Hack: Hacking By the Book; First Edition is still carried by many vendors in limited quantities it is out dated and needed a revamp if not a complete rewrite which has now been done with Second Edition. This I have done with my usual slug like speed. Players no longer need to use Homeric Hack. The Note Books will help players to understand the Egyptian and Hittite armies.

Using the Note Book: Getting Started

The Book Holy Hack Hacking By The Book: Biblical Warfare Second Edition is now available. The book gives players a number of Biblical armies to pick from. The rules follow the same ideas and ideals used in all the core rules sets in this series. As each book is designed for specific periods. Here on the Classical Hack site you can look at my Notes and build your armies of New kingdom Egyptians and Hittites. It is not perfect but it is a good start.

Homeric Hack: Warfare in the Age of Heroes is also available, being specifically designed for Homeric Warfare. Where can I get Homeric Hack? Homeric Hack is available from our many distributors. Being a Yahoo Group Classical Hack member, or becoming one, entitles you to a 25% discount on CLASSICAL HACK series books. For Homeric Hack, the cost is $16.50 (Overseas is to be determined), postage and handling included. That is a $5.50 discount off the retail price! Holy Hack is also available at a member price of $18.00 with postage and handling included as noted above. We accept Pay Pal, checks and money orders. These are the only direct retail sales we do in hard copy form.

For a full list of our products go to the LMW Works Products Page. These pages are general notes and comments and should be taken as nothing more.