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Hacking in the Dark and Middle Ages

Hack in the Dark and Knight Hack

Knight Hack & The Cid 1095 A.D.

This site is about the Cid and Valencia. This scenario game was highly successful and has been preserved by Don Perin. You can get the pdf by clicking on the list to the right of this text.

Like the other Hack rule books the Hack in the Dark system relies on a D-10 for morale and casualty calculation and a D-6 die for movement. Yes there are army lists as well.

My scenario game at Origins many years ago. It was replayed at Historicon at a later date.

It is in pdf and can be downloaded and printed free of charge-the link is to the right of this text. I just ask that you do not distribute this other than sharing it's contents with friends. Please ask them to go to this site and download for themselves.

Knight Hack is also available, being specifically designed for post Roman warfare. Where can I get Hack in the Dark and Knight Hack? Both are available from our many distributors.

For a full list of our products go to the LMW Works Products Page. These pages are general notes and comments and should be taken as nothing more.