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# Here is my Pharaoh who adds a plus 4 to both melee and morale as a modifier should he join a unit (attach himself to a chariot unit). As depicted he is unattached. Not depicted is his Royal Army Standard (I am still working on that). Should you not have a Royal Army Standard the Pharaoh model can double for both. A Royal Army Standard yields an additional plus 3 as a morale modifier for units within 12 inches of it. When the Pharaoh model represents both Pharaoh and the standard you add the morale modifier for it in addition to those of Pharaoh (total modifiers for morale would be plus 4 for Army leader and plus 3 for Army Standard equalling plus 7). It is good to be both King and God. When using an Army Standard model in addition to a Pharaoh model you can treat them as either together or as individual models. As individual models they can attach themselves to other chariot Units.

#Here is my New Kingdom army deployed. Pharaoh is at the back of the army at the top of the picture. The Pharaoh is attached to a guard chariot unit top left. There are 4 divisions in all shown here. At the bottom of the image is the first division deploying all are in column. By making a left face they will go into battle line. Behind the first line in are two more divisions. These have already deployed with archers on each flank of the heavy infantry. Chariots have taken up position to the second division's left (right side on the image) The third division has done the same except that their chariots on the other flank. Pharaoh's divsion is to the rear. For photographic purposes I have shown the divisions one behind the other. They would probably deploy side by side. They might march to the battlefield from different directions.

Pharaoh's command consists of a division of spear men (blue shields) and axe men (in front of the blue shields): Pharaoh's divisional chariots (left) and a unit of archers (right).  Pharaoh's division is under his personal command.