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New Kingdom Egyptian Army Part 1

The New Kingdom Egyptians are very sophisticated when compared to many of their enemies like the Sea People. In preparation for doing a Holy Hack: Hacking By The Book Second Edition game I have also finished my Egyptian Army-list number 8; page 39. The New Kingdom Army was significantly different than the Egyptian armies of the Old and Middle Kingdom. The most significant difference being the employment of the horse, the chariot and the composite bow. Later people of in the New Kingdom there would be Libyans and Nubians in all the infantry units. After the defeat of the Sea People there would be a division of made up of Sea People as the Pharaoh´┐Żs guard.

Pir-aa or what we call Pharaoh (meaning great house) was the basis of all social activity in an Egypt during ancient times. Wether in civil or military matters Pharaoh was what it was all about to the ancient Egyptians. Pharaoh was the nation of Egypt in body and spirit. So in describing how I use my New Kingdom Egyptians (Q.R.S. 8; page 39 in Holy Hack Hacking By the Book Second Edition) I will begin with the source and that naturally enough is the Pharaoh.